Advantage Rajasthan

Proximity to large consumer base

Shares border with five other major states of India, providing an access to a vast consumer market.

Agri-Dominant State

Strong cultural significance of agriculture and diversity of crops sown, places Rajasthan at the forefront of agricultural states in India

Strategic Location

A natural corridor between the northern and the western states of the country, making it an important trade and commerce center

Extensive connectivity

Second largest network of National Highways in the country with a total road length exceeding 7,310 km

Land Availability

Offers immense opportunities in the areas of organic farming, contract farming and in creation of post-harvest infrastructure

Strong Industrial Infrastructure

Established four Agro food Parks for the development of agro-based industries and 2 agri export zones (AEZs)

Great Potential for Exports

Spice exports have picked up from the state and play an important role in India’s agri-exports

Government Incentive

Government provides incentives and subsidies on export of spices, fruits and vegetables

Single Window Clearance System

A single point interface is in place for online submission & tracking of investment applications and time-bound clearances