• Rajasthan is a leading milk producer, with the fifth-largest cattle population in India and some of the finest breeds of milch and draught cattle.

  • Gir, Tharparkar, Rathi and Sahiwal are the best milk producing indigenous breeds, and Nagauri Bull is a prominent draught breed.

  • The state ranks second in terms of buffalo population.

  • It is the 2nd largest producer of milk in the country and produced around 17,000 mn tons (12% of India‚Äôs total milk produce) in 2015.

  • Buffaloes were the largest contributors of milk in Rajasthan in 2015, followed by cow and goat respectively.

  • The entire milk produce is facilitated by a pool of robust co-operative societies, headed by a State-level apex organization, RCDF (Rajasthan Co-operative Dairy Federation).

  • Currently, Rajasthan has about 13,878 of such dairy co-operative societies.

  • Tremendous produce of milk in Rajasthan also holds great opportunities for milk processing plants and commercial dairy units.