Kota - Investment Opportunities


The Kota division is one of the major contributors to Rajasthan’s agricultural growth story and leads in the production of crops such as Soybean, Rice, Wheat, Mustard, Urad, etc.


The division is a leader in the area of horticulture which is reflected in the positions it occupies in the production of horticultural produce in the state:

  • A spice facilitation board may also be established in this regard as the division is a major player in the production of spices.

  • The cultivation and processing of medicinal plants may be explored as the division is rich in the required soil and water resources.


Currently, the Rajasthan State Warehousing Corporation is operating 91 warehouses in 31 districts with a total capacity of 10.9 lakh MT during 2016-17 and utilisation levels of 85% in 2016. With the Kota division being one of the largest in this regard, there are multiple opportunities in the areas of:

  • Agri produce procurement centers
  • Warehouse/Mandi Automation solutions
  • Grading, Sorting and Packaging Facilities
  • Cold Storage and Warehousing
  • Warehouse Receipt Financing


Water availability is not a major concern for the division, it being well endowed with varied sources of irrigation. However, with canal based irrigation being prevalent in the division it leads to an unequal distribution of water in certain instances. Also, there is a need to educate the farmers on multiple water conservation techniques to sustain the same. Hence, multiple opportunities exist in the modern irrigation techniques of:-

  • Drip irrigation
  • Pressure irrigation
  • Recycling of waste water
  • Investments in renewable energy sources for irrigation (e.g. Solar Pumps)
  • Furrow Irrigation

  • The Kota division is a leading producer of cereals, grains and pulses (Soyabean, Mustard, Urd), Horticulture and Spices (Coriander, Citrus Fruits, Fenugreek, Nigella, Guava, Aonla, Ashwagandha, White Musali, Rose).

  • There is significant potential for agri-processing in the division. Some of the opportunities are:
    • Grading, processing, sorting facilities for several crops can be established. E.g. Orange.
    • Branding of spices is another area that may be explored as coriander produced in the division is mainly exported through the southern states owing to a lack of branding for Rajasthan based spices.
    • Introduction of newer and more versatile varieties of crops. E.g. newer varieties of coriander with more oil content may be explored for increased export opportunities outside India.

  • With the presence of an agri-food park in Kota, the opportunities for firms to indulge in food processing, farm produce logistics and post-harvest management is significant.


There are ample opportunities in the division for investment in and development of:

  • Dairy Value Addition and Processing – For example, milk powder processing
  • Higher Quality Feed
  • Large scale breeding programs
  • Artificial insemination centres
  • Milk Collection centres, Milk Chilling Centres
  • POS outlets to raise marketing levels in the division

  • Marketing, Training of farmers
  • Beekeeping equipment
  • Honey Processing

  • Fish seed and feed production
  • Hatcheries
  • Processing and Post-harvest infrastructure

Farm Mechanization:
  • The state of Rajasthan has seen a significant shift towards farm mechanization over the recent years with the installation of sprinklers, water pumps, usage of tractors, packaging automation, etc. There are opportunities for private players to engage in manufacture of small and large scale farm implements.

  • The share of land holdings under the ownership of small and marginal farmers is around 53% currently. This makes it difficult for them to employ large scale mechanization across the agricultural value chain.

  • It is in this context that Custom Hiring Centres become relevant by enabling rental of farming equipment on a reasonable basis. The Government too has been encouraging CHC's by encouraging private player participation.

  • In 2015-16 35.18 Mn domestic tourists and 1.47 million foreign tourists visited Rajasthan.

  • As per Budget 2016-17, USD 23.65 Mn was allocated by the government for improving the condition of the tourism sector in the state.

  • With the division having a strong connectivity to the Northern, Central and Western India, coupled with a strong agricultural base, the Kota division provides a strong foundation for building on the seeds of agri-tourism in the state.